Tamarind and Baobab trees are grown in the remote areas of Kenya so is Honey. The fruits and oils are traded in urban centers and the oils used in some of the sophisticated cities of the world in the health and cosmetic industries. This sound development of these commodities living in the rural areas of Kenya who have fewer options for economic development due to harsh climatic conditions. Kitui County falls in this category and the project I am proud to say will impact hundreds of thousands of poor people in this community.

Baobab Fruit Powder can be used in a range of consumer products such as Juices, smoothies, ice creams, and herbal teas, energy and cereal bars, biscuits and even chocolate!

Baobab Dried Leaves powder is a source of calcium, vitamin A & C, and minerals and will boost your tea bags to the next level.

The products also have numerous health benefits to the consumer and also offer alternative options for fighting hunger and reducing the nutrition deficit in Kenya, Africa and the World as a whole in addition to having market appeal to the lower, middle and upper class in society.